PCT Discussion Forum (CSGNet)

Join in discussions of Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) clicking here and subscribing to CSGNet. When you get to the subscription page just submit your email address and the listerve will contact you by email; just follow the instructions from there.

CSGNet is an email-based discussion group that allows researchers, theorists and practitioners discuss issues in their use of PCT. Once you have subscribed to the list you will get email copies of on-going discussions. You can join these discussions by simply replying to these posts. You can also initiate discussions by posting emails to the list at csgnet@lists.illinois.edu.

Joing CSGNet is a great way to learn about how others around the world are using PCT and to share with others how you are (or how you would like to be) using it.

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Last Modified: April 5, 2014

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