Readings in the Experimental Psychology of Purposeful Behavior

The place for books, articles, demonstrations and other learning materials related to Perceptual Control Theory (PCT), a cybernetic theory of mind that views organisms as intentional agents who are in control of, rather than controlled by, their environment. PCT was developed by William T. Powers and is described in his book Behavior: The Control of Perception. Basic experimental tests of PCT are described in three books by Richard S. Marken: MIND READINGS: Experimental Studies of Purpose, MORE MIND READINGS: Methods and Models in the Study of Purpose, DOING RESEARCH ON PURPOSE: A Control Theory Approach to Experimental Psychology and CONTROLLING PEOPLE: The Paradoxical Nature of Being Human (with Timothy A. Carey).

The scientific methods of PCT are "... the nearest approach I know of to mind reading." -- William T. Powers, BYTE, September, 1979, p. 109

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